segunda-feira, 1 de agosto de 2011

wktraster plugin for Quantum GIS 0.5

I have the pleasure to announce the version 0.5 of the wktraster plugin for Quantum GIS.

This version main improvements were:
- Possibility to load one table row as a raster (this allows reading a single row in a mosaic table)
- Better raster table listing, that allows to load tables that are result of SQL processing (create table as)
- Improved raster uploading, that allow to cancel and follow the process of overview loading.
- Possibility to view tile bounding boxes as a layer on QGIS.

This version also suffered a strong bugfix. I kindly ask that anyone that find a bug, please report on e-mail or in the project's site.

Raster uploading with overviews:

Reading a single tile in the table

Reading table's vector representation (bounding polygons)

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